Zorg voor elkaar?

UPDATE 26/05

In these times when most of our communal spaces are closed, the streets are overflowed with positive messages recommending us of “Taking good care of each other”, of “sending a lot of hearts to the hospitals”, of “getting out of this together”. All these messages you see around the streets, while the shadow of the consequences of the crisis loom over our heads, while the capitalist system uses yet another crisis to reshape the market relationships.
Confronted with the reality of everyday oppression and with the perspectives of what’s going to come, these messages sometimes sound like the caress of the butcher to the lamb.

Now, we don’t believe that these messages are evil-minded, or that there is some kind of twisted direction behind this, we believe however that good thoughts by themselves won’t suffice, and that we need to struggle to create a world where we can take good care of each other, where we can put people over profit and build a system that’s not based on exploitation.

We’ve started reclaiming the streets with this challenge, and we’ve kept on trying to do what we can to support the people around us and protest against what’s happening.

We know that we’re not alone in this and we hope that even more people will start retaking the streets, and for whoever wants to get involved in all that we do, you can always send us a message at barricade@riseup.net

We also made a video, you can check it here: https://vimeo.com/420709927

Thanks to Alert Fonds for the support!


You’ve probably seen something similar around already. The “Utrecht zorg goed voor elkaar” (Utrecht take good care of each other) poster. Yesterday after cooking once more, in our free time, in solidarity with people who cannot stay at home because they don’t have (a safe) one and with people struggling because of this fucked-up system, we decided to make our own version of it.

To make clear what we think “taking good care of each other” actually means.

DO YOU WANT TO HELP US SHARING IT AROUND? you can download the A4 poster at this link

Utrecht, zorg goed voor elkaar?

In deze tijd is het kraakhelder wie het hardst geraakt wordt, wie de meeste zorg draagt en wie moeite heeft om rond te komen.
Om goed voor iedereen te zorgen, hebben we een systeem nodig dat mensen boven winst verkiest; een systeem dat niet is gebaseerd op uitbuiting.

Zorg dat iedereen een veilige en stabiele woonsituatie heeft.
Zorg dat iedereen een inkomen heeft om zichzelf te voorzien.

Tijdens en na het virus.

Zorg betekent niet tijdelijke liefdadigheid.

Zorg betekent het eisen van sociale rechtvaardigheid.

Utrecht, take good care of each other?

In these times it’s crystal clear who is hit the hardest, who is carrying most of the care work and who is struggling to make ends meet.
In order to take care of everybody we need to put people over profit and create a system that’s not based on exploitation.

Let’s make safe and stable housing accessible to all.
Let’s give everybody an income to self-determine themselves.

During and after corona

Care does not mean temporary charity.
Care means demanding social justice.

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